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Kids Dresses

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On saleOeuf Checkered Flouncy Dress
Oeuf Checkered Flouncy Dress Sale priceFrom $42.00 Regular price$60.00
Save 30%Oeuf Flouncy Dress, Gardenia PigeonOeuf Flouncy Dress, Gardenia Pigeon
Oeuf Flouncy Dress, Gardenia Pigeon Sale price$50.00 Regular price$71.00
Donsje Dana Dress - Multiple ColorsDonsje Dana Dress - Multiple Colors
Konges Slojd Fairy DressKonges Slojd Fairy Dress
Konges Slojd Fairy Dress Sale price$71.00
Save 31%Oeuf Clover Flouncy Dress
Oeuf Clover Flouncy Dress Sale price$49.00 Regular price$71.00
Save 40%Stella McCartney Girl Linen Cotton Blue Dress with FlowersStella McCartney Girl Linen Cotton Blue Dress with Flowers
MarMar Copenhagen Dela Dress - Blackberry Cream
MarMar Copenhagen Dress - Moonstone Melange
Save 30%Stella Daises Dress with Frills
Stella Daises Dress with Frills Sale price$97.00 Regular price$139.00
Marie Chantal Christmas Print NightgownMarie Chantal Christmas Print Nightgown
Save 30%Oeuf Tank Dress, Fuschia GeometricOeuf Tank Dress, Fuschia Geometric
Oeuf Tank Dress, Fuschia Geometric Sale price$49.70 Regular price$71.00
Basic GOTS Cotton DressBasic GOTS Cotton Dress
Basic GOTS Cotton Dress Sale price$45.00
MarMar Delina DressMarMar Delina Dress
MarMar Delina Dress Sale price$88.00
Oeuf Ruffle Collar Dress- Huckleberry Check
Bonton Baby Girl Dress - Sacre Coeur
Save 30%Stella McCartney Girl Dreamy Flower Dress
Stella McCartney Girl Dreamy Flower Dress Sale price$86.00 Regular price$123.00
Oeuf Flutter Sleeve Dress - Bright Beige
Save 38%Morley Rio Dress
Morley Rio Dress Sale price$111.00 Regular price$180.00
MarMar Darcel DressMarMar Darcel Dress
MarMar Darcel Dress Sale price$88.00
Bonton Baby Girl Dress - Leopard Rose
Stella McCartney Kids Daisy Embroidered Velour Dress
Konges Slojd Rilo DressKonges Slojd Rilo Dress
Konges Slojd Rilo Dress Sale price$66.00
Save 40%Morley Robin Dress
Morley Robin Dress Sale price$111.00 Regular price$186.00
la paloma Parker House Dress - Holly Horse
Morley Tempo Dress - Sky
Morley Tempo Dress - Sky Sale price$136.00
MarMar Copenhagen Dura Dress - Flower Dots
Stella Checks Long Sleeve Tencel Dress
Emile Et Ida Girls Lily DressEmile Et Ida Girls Lily Dress
Bonton Dress - Leopard Rose
Bonton Dress - Leopard Rose Sale price$150.00
TinyCottons Tiny Poodle One-Piece, Blue/Light Cream
Stella Girl's Denim Heart Dress
Stella Girl's Tulip Print Layered Dress
Stella Girl's Hearts Tulip Dress With Embro
Bonton Vichy Kaki Dress
Bonton Vichy Kaki Dress Sale price$165.00
Morley Thea Dress - Lilac
Morley Thea Dress - Lilac Sale price$163.00
MarMar Dima Dress, Ocean
MarMar Dima Dress, Ocean Sale price$79.00
MarMar Copenhagen Duva Dress- WallflowerMarMar Copenhagen Duva Dress- Wallflower
Save 39%Morley Ruth Dress
Morley Ruth Dress Sale price$99.00 Regular price$162.00
MarMar Copenhagen Dulla Long Sleeve Dress - Holiday Check
MarMar Copenhagen Daljana Dress- Holiday Check
Bonton Flower DressBonton Flower Dress
Bonton Flower Dress Sale price$187.00
Stella Shooting Stars Dress
Stella Shooting Stars Dress Sale price$143.00